Operation Apostolic Mountain

The purpose of Operation Apostolic Mountain is to develop self-sustaining Apostolic Churches that glorify God all across Sand Mountain.

While our purpose is to continue to share the Truth of this Apostolic Gospel, help grow home Churches, our dream to see these home Churches become independent and thriving Apostolic Churches. Through your prayers and partnering with Apostolic Lighthouse of Sand Mountain we will bring God’s Word to this mountain. We have already begun conversations with a few organizations interested in joining us in this endeavor, and hope to begin discussions with church partners who could greatly assist us in our efforts to bring this hope to Sand Mountain.

This vision offers real and unique opportunities for you to celebrate God’s grace in your life, share resources, gifts, and talents that He has given you. Please help us impact Albertville and all of Sand Mountain. While growing authentic cross-cultural Christian friendships with brothers and sisters living in this area. We believe our partners will experience a life of faith more abundant as they experience first – hand, the lasting life changes their involvements can make.

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Pastor David Hensley

Pastor David Hensley Apostolic Lighthouse

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